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Keyholding, Mobile and Response

Servicetrac is the leading solution for support services organisations to deliver service evidence to clients. By combining the core feature sets of Contract Management, Auditing and Task Management, the team at Innovise has packaged Servicetrac for guarding, keyholding and response businesses.

Used by some of the UK’s largest response businesses, Servicetrac improves internal processes, increases employee engagement and ensures quality delivery of service.

Contract Management Pack

In a market where margin is paper-thin, SLA failures are often the only focus of the service provider but this is often a mistake. It inspires over-delivery within the team and whilst done with the best intentions, it also erodes margin and harms your business. As a competitive service provider, you need to ensure you don’t drop below what you have agreed to do as a service, and control over delivery - but how do you do it?

Servicetrac can help you do that. By defining what service tasks are ‘in’ or 'packed-in' to your offering, as well as defining what is ‘out’ or additional, your business is doing no more than systematically controlling what you have in contract.

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Data Warehouse Pack

Servicetrac is used in FM to deliver a wide array of compliance and service delivery roles. Sometimes this variety exceeds all of the standard reporting and dashboards within Servicetrac. When this happens, we provide clients with bespoke solutions and integrations to achieve visibility across a number of platforms.

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