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The latest release from Timegate, Version 18 is nearly here so we thought it was time to give you a reminder of all the good stuff version 17 brought you last year. 
New features within Operations

Undeniably in version 17 the majority of our updates were focused on enhancing the Operational feature set.  We continued to simplify the experience whilst enhancing the controls and power that Timegate provides. For example, the new Simple Duty Edit means that it is possible for less experienced Timegate users to make simple changes to the Duties tab around the arbitration features.  The Times tab and the Sub Duty tab can now offer enhanced control restricting them to specific user settings, and there now an ability to lock out access to the full Duty Edit.  The Duty Edit itself have undergone a complete redevelopment of the page to improve user experience.

We have also enhanced the ‘To Do list’ functionality, bringing in new labelling options and alert management settings. All of this remains easy to click through so you can navigate to what you need to do, when you need to do it.

Additional improvements include the Performance Reports, Security and profile management.  

New features within Finance

Wage to Budget Alerts now allow users to view reports where any site has gone over budget.  Based on a comparison of wages spend against either the site contracted time or site budget to allow for greater control on the overall spend of the site.  Reports can either be run manually, or set to automatically generate which is then sent to a defined escalation group.

New features added to Contract Codes include definitions of contract codes that can be assigned to various entities within Timegate.  Codes can be used for analysis reporting purposes in third party finance systems.

Users can also opt to add an “exclude from budget” value to hour-types, so any duties within that field will no longer appear in the site team budget view.

New features within Analysis

We started our journey towards our Insights Pack (coming soon). We started with our Data-warehouse modelling and concluded our BI tool. The pilots are nearing completion so we are excited to see the finished production during the coming version 18 releases.

New features within Employee Engagement and HR

Annualised hours became more user-friendly.  The automatic calculations of the current and available hours, as well as balances simplify and speed up the experience for all users. This has also been extended to Auto Pay Annual Leave Accruals to take the guess work out of accrued holiday pay.

The Help Desk was expanded to Qualification Expiry Alerts so that it will automatically warn when employees qualifications are about to expire with easy steps to help you renew or extend the validity of the qualifications.  Enriched Qualification Maintenance tools also enable you to personalise the alert and warning experience.  

The biggest piece of work was the complete re-factoring of the employee facing side of Timegate. The Engagement Pack was re-engineered to make it faster, slicker and more efficient for both our clients, but more importantly the frontline teams who have come to rely on this software. Faster and more functional than ever, but now fully optimised for a smartphone experience, this improved toolset provides a better employee experience which Innovise knows is vital to your success engaging your most valuable asset.