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Cloud versus Cloud

The term ‘Cloud Computing’ is thrown around a lot and many will rightly assume that it’s all much the same. It’s not. Tailored solutions work better than generic ones. Innovise have purpose built our FM Cloud to optimise performance for our applications and the service you need.

From scheduling your own upgrades at a date and time to suit you, through to being able to make copies of the live system into a sandbox, the FM Cloud supports a variety of business demands.

Resilient cloud space

The FM Cloud is designed to be the most cost effective method for customers who rely on the business critical systems from Innovise. Timegate and Servicetrac demand uptime and availability as our clients manage cost, compliance and service delivery all day, every day.

The solution design includes a synchronous data capture, meaning that in the event of an outage or disconnections, both Timegate and Servicetrac can continue to function and offer clients continued service.

Sandboxes to play in

Innovise recognise that on a regular basis, clients will want to play with a release before it goes onto the live system. Likewise, they will want new starters to have a safe environment to learn about Timegate, or they might just want to get some space to try some of the new features we introduce every quarter. With this in mind, the FM Cloud will give you a sandbox for Timegate, that you can use to this end. If you want more, we can provide more. is the Cloud-based service that Innovise supply with Essential Timegate. Eliminating the need to install additional hardware or telephone lines, or pay for regular calls through to Timegate, is provided as a service to you.

Supporting, Innovise can also provide freephone numbers, national rate and local rate numbers, as well as virtualised numbers for the UK and the rest of the world. Want a telephone number for London, Manchester and Glasgow for your clients in those locations? No problem, just talk to your account manager to see how we make that happen.