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No more, no less

Every contract is different. What is included and what is not included is not always obvious. How do you ensure you stay in control of what you should do, and what you could do (for a fee)?

Support services companies often find themselves manually tracking and invoicing for additional duties or activities that have taken place on contracts. This is often in arrears and not very close time-wise to the activity or task thet was completed. It's very hard to stay on top of these potentially chargeable items. Too often the work done was also managed informally. This too makes tracking and policing a challenge. Conversations which happened at local level, then probably not entered on a system and sometimes without a purchase authority, but which later get relayed verbally to a Finance team are unreliable, easily lost and often inaccurately described. If material in cost to the client, will sometimes hold up an invoice too. 


How Servicetrac helps

With Servicetrac, contract activities are defined before a workforce or contract is deployed, with Servicetrac actively tracking the progress of tasks and activities as they arise. If something is requested or performed outside of the contracted specification, Servicetrac will ‘flag’ this so the correct procedures, processes and controls transact restoring confidence, commercial prudence and visibility to all who need it.

Offering your clients this level of precision, but also flexibility, to help them outside of the standard service agreement not only demonstrates the professionalism of your service provision, but also achieves additional relationship building activities; not only will you be able to invoice for more work, but you will end up delivering more services on location.

If combined with the standard auditing capabilities of Servicetrac will flag to your client that the relationship is ore than originally envisioned. 

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with Innovise today and let us help you get more from your existing contracts and help sure them for longer.