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Invoicing innovation

Included within the Contract Management Pack, Servicetrac can produce invoices based upon the contract elements used against a contract or multiple contracts, or can produce output files suitable for third party invoicing engines.

With flexible payment frequency configuration, ’call-off’ processing and invoice validation workflows, Servicetrac ensures a streamlined, productive and accurate invoicing solution for contractual activities.

Controlled integration

Managing billing profiles, scope of service delivery and tracking this is all effectively under control is a requirement often misplaced within a solution design. It is important that any solution like Servicetrac can integrate to, and manage a relationship with your preferred Finance systems.

Accurate, timely delivery of billable work needs to flow seamlessly from front line operations in to the Finance functions. Both front line and back office teams also need to know that the information is 100% accurate so they can get on without second guessing each and every invoice that gets generated.