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Maximising margin

In a market where margin is paper-thin, Service Level agreement (SLA) failures are often the only focus of the service provider but this is often a mistake. It inspires over-delivery within the team and whilst done with the best intentions, it also erodes margin and harms your business. As a competitive service provider, you need to ensure you don’t drop below what you have agreed to do as a service, and control over delivery - but how do you do it?

Servicetrac can help you do that. By defining what service tasks are ‘in’ or 'packed-in' to your offering, as well as defining what is ‘out’ or additional, your business is doing no more than systematically controlling what you have in contract.

Patrol, Monitor & Response

Servicetrac started to mature its functionality when servicing ‘Patrol, Monitor and Response’ businesses with leading guarding, keyholding and response businesses. With hundreds of vehicles and users, manual operations and intervention are not possible, so automation is key.

From this field of expertise, Servicetrac has expanded to be an intelligent, powerful asset for the support service provider who cares about under and over delivery and who just wants to deliver what they have promised for the price agreed.