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Designed for FM

Servicetrac is designed specifically for the needs of FM and Support Service providers, whatever the organisational need.

Servicetrac is used in over 750,000 locations every day – from commercial properties, airports, shopping centres and hospitals.

Using the latest technology, Servicetrac captures audit results from the field and delivers them to a web-based portal in real-time, for management teams to spot trends, make decisions and analyse the performance of their FM contract.

Servicetrac is designed with flexibility in mind, so any specification can be added and captured using Servicetrac at any time throughout the contract.

Why is it popular?

Servicetrac will scale appropriately to any sized contract with any number of associated services. As is common in FM, Facilities Management organisations desire a solution that can monitor all delivered elements of a support services contract.

Servicetrac does exactly this, enabling support services providers to capture evidence against all contractual service lines within one centralised solution, for total service visibility.

Whether you deliver one, two or multiple services on your contracts, Servicetrac can be configured to capture a variety of audits and inspections from each of your services. By doing so, Servicetrac provides clear, concise and evidence based results of contract performance.

As the information is all viewable from one place in the form of dashboards and reports, it has never been easier for clients to evidence service performance to their clients, employees and internal business stakeholders.

Why is it different to other Auditing solutions?

Complex service delivery environments can often demand ‘time-critical auditing’. For example:

  • Short windows of time to complete inspections
  • Auditing regimes which must happen every X days or weeks with zero tolerance for slippage
  • Auditing schedules which must follow on X days after the last audit was completed

Similarly, complex environments may also demand ‘time constrained Auditing’

Supporting rapid turnaround services, the Servicetrac auditing software enables operatives to complete inspections within a small window of opportunity. Widely used in transport, leisure and healthcare, users complete checks, update tasks and report issues from a mobile device. Within Servicetrac, these checks are pre-defined to specific areas, and all task-related information is available on demand. This ensures that users can access the correct and relevant information instantly, saving valuable time. 

Examples include; 

  • Flight turnarounds
  • Train departures
  • Cinema showings, and
  • Hotel room turnaround

It’s important for teams to enter the environment, execute the required work and deliver to the agreed standards quickly and efficiently. Easy to configure and quick to mobilise, Servicetrac is mapped to meet your specific requirements no matter how small the time constraint.