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Operational Overview

Throughout its usage, Servicetrac collects millions of data packets from many users, sites and audits. Understanding all of this data requires a simple interface to show users what needs attention and when.

Using the Operational overview, Servicetrac users are able to filter activities by location, teams, dates and SLA timings to show audits, cases and activities that are planned, due or overdue. This ensures management teams can allocate resources effectively for optimum service performance.


Servicetrac contains a comprehensive suite of operational and management reports, developed specifically for the management of FM contracts. Clearly showing audit and task results along with the notes and photographic evidence captured, reports can be produced on-demand, triggered or scheduled, and sent to internal colleagues or external clients via email.


Using Servicetrac, management teams will benefit from clear, unequivocal feedback about the services that the organisation is delivering. Once an audit has been completed, performance information is shared on the operative’s device, and is submitted immediately to Servicetrac. This means all relevant parties can view and interpret the same information instantly, enabling them to identify patterns, trends and key performance information for more informed decision-making.  

Servicetrac surfaces information in a straightforward and easy to understand way, using Dashboards. From trend reports across services, highest and lowest scoring locations and most common failure reasons, Servicetrac provides FM organisations with a valuable insight into their operational performance.

Collaboration & Shared insight

For leading support services organisations, Servicetrac is used to add value to customer relationships by providing clients with direct access to Servicetrac. Where openness and transparency is important to end-clients, customised dashboards and reports can be made available to share relevant performance information of a contract as it happens. This in turn promotes trust and loyalty, and provides the foundations for long-standing and strategic relationships.

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