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Servicetrac to Win Customers

Servicetrac is used by sales teams to differentiate and add value to their contract bids and tender entries. With Servicetrac’s flexibility, each contract can be designed specifically to meet the needs of the contract, allowing support service providers to match the precise requirements of multiple services for optimum contract success.

Why is this important? 

Too often, tools like Servicetrac are used but they do not have the flexibility to meet the wide set of demands a contract will have. They will be a 'Cleaning Auditing tool' or a 'Security Inspection' solution. Perhaps they are a QHSE or a Hygeine specific solution. Servicetrac allows you to work across almost any discipline, carving solutions from just one platform. Servicetrac has it all which something our customers tell us they value. 

The other big reason our Customers cite for selecting Servicetrac, is that it is scalable for contracts of any size, and being SaaS, is easy to deploy, giving sales teams the option of one solution regardless of the size, shape or scale of a contract.

Servicetrac to Grow Customers

Sometimes you will need to retrofit Servicetrac to your accounts or contracts where you are either not yet using a solution, or other solutions have failed. It is not uncommon for a client to be excited about all of the technology thats gets promised during a bid process, after whcih you will implement most of it (not all very often) and then the client gets frustrated without a consolidated view of the operation, or you have to spend a great deal of time consolidating it for them. This is both a waste of time and effort for all involved. Servicetrac will help you win back that client confidence. Offering you an efficient mamagement platform it will be the successor to a bunch of tactical solutions. Quick and easy to implement it will drive down cost, increase visibility and give you an easy way to monitor and control performance. 

Well done!

Clearly, if you put Servicetrac in from Day One, congratulations are in order. You probably appreciate the value in Enterprise solutions.

Implementing Servicetrac into existing contracts is a way for FM organisations to add value and innovation to customers. By implementing Servicetrac, support service providers can ensure that all services are operating at the necessary service levels, and that any faults or drops in service can be tracked and rectified.

Furthermore, additional non-core services can be monitored alongside core functions, creating evidence based reasoning to upsell additional services should the incumbent suppliers’ delivery not be up to standard.