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Task Management

Many auditing software tools in the marketplace are only able to record the results of the inspection. Whilst this is useful, it does not add value to the contract as there is no clear indication to if the failures found have been actioned or are still outstanding.

Servicetrac is different. Servicetrac’s Helpdesk is embedded within its design and works seamlessly alongside audit activities.

Mobile and Helpdesk

The helpdesk functionality automatically raises a task for each failure that is found, and allocated it to the right team with the right SLA. Having the confidence that each fault or failure is captured, tracked and visible to all until its resolution gives leading service delivery organisations confidence they are keeping their promises. .

When a fault or failure is found as part of an audit, Servicetrac will look up the SLA and automatically apply the relevant case parameters.

External teams can be allocated a case by phone or email, so you can track and trace the entire process through to conclusion, whether inside or outside the SLAs.

Servicetrac will also be able to help you track your planned tasks; deep cleans, site visits, lock and unlock activities. These activities can be one-off service activities as clients or employees request them, or recurring activities that happen based upon a pre-defined schedule.

The workflow doesn’t end there – should a task be managed using a device, Servicetrac can prompt audits at any stage through the task resolution journey, making sure all corrections have not impacted any other service areas, ensuring standards are always met.

Audit to Helpdesk

Servicetrac can be configured so that all faults that are generated from audits land as helpdesk tasks. Likewise, they can be logged remotely into a central FM Helpdesk like all helpdesks out there. To clarify, this may be more than a simple grading of service or a broken asset, this can also be the client’s satisfaction with the general state of the facility, relationship or other services.

Servicetrac’s auditing software capabilities are fully integrated to the Helpdesk and vice versa. The functionality logs and records faults and failures in accordance with SLAs and posts them straight in to its own Helpdesk - or where specified, a different helpdesk or CAFM system - so that failures automatically generate a log for the various response teams, maintenance crews or engineers to handle.

The entire process from audit to helpdesk, as well as all the more traditional helpdesk features, make Servicetrac a valuable and powerful tool. Being purpose built for this industry, Servicetrac makes a material difference.