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Have you calculated this?

A Cleaner, Janitor or Security Officer will on average make six requests per annum for time off. Be that a family holiday, an appointment or some other reason for needing time off, the process of handling it is both time consuming and expensive. The employee may or may not know how much they are entitled to, so will call a supervisor, manager or central team. 

There are two aspects to each request; The time spent handling the request (hands on time) and the time lapsed (how long iit all takes). Hands on time is overhead for you and you business. Time lapsed is almost always a factor in employee engagement success or failure.

How much hand-on time can you save?


of the time spent on 
payroll queries


of the time waiting
vacation requests

How many calls does it really take?

Looking up a vacation request (which may be on a spreadsheet, a HR system somewhere else or even on paper), then checking balances then matching what has been requested with available entitlement may involve multiple people or teams.

For operations, invariably, you also need to know if you can cover the request so you don't fail to deliver the services to site(s). There may be questions, provisos, feedback or approvals which also need to flow through the business. As such, it is not unusual for a variety of complex, laborious processes to exist. This is frustrating and slow for all involved... 

...and once all this is done, agreed and approved you then need to go through the process of logging it on various systems, with different people and with the employee. Last but not least, it's not unknown for employees to change their mind later or move things around during the intervening period too. There any many other permutations of this situation but all are cumbersome when you get down to it, and it's no wonder this process is hard to manage and even harder to measure or quantify costs for. Timegate solves this problem for you. 

What about other similar tasks?


of effort spent on
payroll queries


of the communication
resourcing shifts


of the time handling 
general queries

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