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Events, Stadiums & Hospitality

Event Management is a challenging environment that requires cool, collected thinking, capability under pressure and leading-edge technology to ensure it all executes on time and on budget, in line with the client's expectations.

Be it stadiums, a University Open Day or just a gig in a field, once you have finally designed the service offering, you then need to fill it and quickly. How will you communicate the plan internally and externally? Who will do which roles? How many calls will you need to make? How much time will you need to spend advising potential workers of what’s on offer, when it is, how it will all work? Wouldn’t it be great if the technology could lift a lot of the burden and reduce the time to fulfilment down from days and weeks in to hours? Well, it can…

Leveraging two-way messaging, central teams can define event profiles, roles and communicate opportunities to all pre-cleared and or pre-registered candidates via SMS or email, against which they can respond via SMS and email as to their interest. They can also log in to the self-service portal and engage that way too. Production and fulfilment time is cut to hours, delivering up a highly responsive, cost effective operational model for your business.