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As a large employer with lots of roles, demands for extra hours and filling vacancies, you will have an ongoing strategy to improve your talent acquisition, retention and better fulfil operational demands. As a people-centric business, if you don’t have this in the front and centre of your thinking you would be in a tiny minority of organisations, so we at Innovise are betting we can help you.

As the central tool of managing your workforce, Timegate is well placed to understand contracted demands. Timegate contains details of hours you have promised to your clients as well as pay rates, billing rates, skills, locations and other critical variables. Similarly we hold all the data about your employees and their capabilities, availability and restrictions. We can help you match this to better facilitate delivery, driving down dependency on sub-contractors, having to rapidly find new employees or pay enhanced overtime rates.

In a normal soft service environment, this has a huge value to you. For your employees, it’s a reason to value their work life too. You have vacancies, they have an appetite to earn more and so the two marry conveniently and productively for you. By leveraging your workforce management data and your contract data, Timegate will help you more quickly and efficiently pair up available resources against the demands you’re seeing.