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If you want to integrate Timegate to any other system you use our Finance Pack. From here we will build you a report or an interface be it to Sage or to SAP.

Innovise are very experienced at building this plumbing between key systems for you as like many of our client’s system consumption don’t start and end just inside Timegate.

We will work with you and your other suppliers to automate or simplify your business and make you leaner, fitter and better which will save you both time and ultimately money too.

Very typically our clients want to integrate to remove double handling of data, the risk of human error or just get rid of all the manual and time consuming processes that cause businesses to have larger overheads than their competitors.

We routinely do work with solutions from Sage, Microsoft, SAP and Oracle. Payroll and Invoicing are the usual requirements but we can integrate to many solutions for any business challenge you may face.

Automation using integration offers our clients the greatest return on investment but a simple payroll report can also be meaningful.