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Complex rule management in real-time

As a technology house for support services providers, Innovise has designed Timegate to deliver richer controls over the areas of these businesses which matter the most. Often, and without being aware, costs are bleeding from a lack of control and visibility on planned and unplanned workforce absence. Timegate resolves this.


Payroll is often the single largest overhead in any support services business.  Delivering the most effective payroll control possible, enhancing cash flow and managing the complexity that regular TUPE transfers have on a business is vital. Timegate can manage all of this and more.

Diary views and attendance clarity

Designed to provide complete transparency to a business, Timegate’s easy to use interface allows management teams to quickly and clearly view the daily/weekly/monthly workforce attendance situation. At a glance, management can see which staff have holidays booked, which staff are ill and which staff have not presented for their shift, over a specified time. Providing a deeper insight into staff absence, Timegate allows absence trends to be spotted, service delivery to remain consistent and payroll to remain accurate.

Advanced Reporting

With additional control, demands will arise for extra management information. Timegate contains enhanced reporting and dashboards for businesses who opt for our Finance Pack.

With all this added absence process and cost control, you are better placed to run error-free payrolls as well as handle queries more effectively.