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Timegate is capable of providing your business with the rigid structures and processes it needs to comply with salary sacrifice schemes. If you have a scheme, or would like a scheme agreed with the HMRC, you will need to demonstrate that you are complying with the rules. Timegate provides you with this rigour and will, if required, allow you to make real-time claims, calculations and scheduling checks to remain compliant with the dispensations you have agreed.

Timegate offers a systematic set of tools for employers in the FM sector, to make best use of the tax efficient schemes put in place by the government.

Gross pay deductions

Compliance with ever increasing complexity from the HMRC is better achieved with systematic mechanisms to policy control and application.

Timegate contains a number of tools to help you administer your schemes and to be assured you are doing all you can to deliver against the requirements of any agreed dispensation. From travel calculations to positive claims for expenses, Timegate is the tool many leading FM organisations have come to rely on, to ensure their compliance and to protect the business from operational failures that might otherwise go unaddressed.


It is always up to our clients and their advisors to make sure their scheme is compliant and that Timegate is working for them as it is required to do. Innovise do not offer tax advice but can recommend partners who do.