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In todays world what gets captured, gets measured.

Let’s be honest, the way most organisations record daily occurrences takes us back to the 1990s. Most FM companies are recording incidents and events within a Daily Occurrence Book (DOB), for that book to be filled over a period of months. Once filled, the book is then collected, taken to head office and filed within storage units for a minimum of 7 years, never to be opened again.

Sound familiar? You are not alone. Many organisations still practice this method, although they may innovate with a phone call to control for more serious incidents.

The Timegate Service Delivery pack changes all of this, bringing the DOB into the 21st century. Using the Timegate app, employees can note activities and incidents throughout their working shift. These incidents instantly transfer to Timegate, providing clear visibility on anything untoward across all contracts.

Using Timegate’s Insight pack, users can also analyse, trend, create dashboards and report on key DOB themes. Providing greater visibility and measuring each event from site, Timegate ensures that FM business futureproofs their business for many years to come.

Service Delivery is changing. Are you ready?