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Incident or Task Management as Standard

There has never been such a time as now, where there is a global focus on risk, threats and danger across all environments. Effectively capturing, recording and managing incidents is a key attribute in tackling and mitigating risks across the business.

Timegate’s Service Delivery pack provides employees with the tools to raise incidents from within their Timegate app to track the progress of these incidents until completion.

Once incidents are raised, alerts are sent to relevant stakeholders; management teams, customers and central operators, to ensure that everyone is aware of what has taken place. The incidents can then be controlled by the employee or central Timegate users, with each photograph, note or status change being date and time stamped to provide a full audit log of what happened, and what actions were taken to resolve the incident.

Timegate Service Delivery pack is self-service tool that allows the creation of any incident within Timegate. This provides users with ultimate flexibility of what incidents can be captured, how they are managed, and how they are actioned.

Incidents can be configured to suit your business, your contracts and customers. From spotting spillages in shopping centres, finding suspicious items, logging deters, or anything else that may happen during the day in the life of an employee.