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Call Monitor

Timegate Essentials includes 'Call Monitor'. Call monitor helps you achieve your duty of care to the employees; helping you engage with them to check on their health, safety and welfare at work. Different support service lines have different demands and some require specialist levels of observation and alerting. For example, guarding a bank at night is typically considered higher risk than reception services on an industrial estate during the day. Call Monitor will ensure you have the right profiles in place for each member of your workforce.

The common issue for almost all services businesses is that the workforce is often geographically scattered and rarely on a site that the service provider owns. Timegate offers you flexible options to help address these legal obligations and ensures compliance with the various statutory and regulatory challenges you face, no matter how dispersed your workforce is.

With real-time dashboards, monitoring stations can effectively observe your employees without impacting their day more than is required, and without you taking on unnecessary risks. The same technology can also be used for ensuring employees are behaving compliantly with planned attendance times and locations. When they don't behave according to plan, you'll know immediately then too.

IMPORTANT: You should ensure you risk assess the roles and locations for lone workers to establish what level of protection you need to offer.

What to-do now

Large businesses like yours have a myriad of tasks and activities surrounding your workforce and your customers. From Vacation or Holiday requests, to correctly planning the schedule to meet both the agreed delivery plan, but also achieve the planned budgets. As the business scales, or you simply have to make management more effective, you need technology that will do the thinking for you and present you with a clean, simple way of organising your daily activities. 

Timegate's 'to-do' functionality is just what you need. The first thing you see when you log in, the interactive menu provides you with drill down and click through options to tackle the jobs you need to prioritise. A configurable interface means you only see the work you need to do, when you need to do it. Timegate keeps you organised and on top of the business.